Consulter son répondeur Freebox

For people who live in France and have a Freebox, it is possible to listen to voice messages on website.

Here is an application to do the same thing.

For the moment, it is just possible to get and listen to them. But a future version will permit to call back the person who let the message or even delete it

So, what is possible ?

  • Automatically download voice messages
  • Listen to them.

To use it, just download it and edit the config file in the installation folder to enter your login and password.

download coming very soon :)

Suivi conso Bouygues Telecom

(Application non officielle)

Suivi Conso BTel

Here is my first winmo application developped in C#.
It was written for french people having a Bouygues Telecom forfait to permit them to have access to informations about it.
Here is what you can access with this app:

  • - The voice situation.
  • - The internet consomation
  • - The voice report
  • - Over the limit situation
  • - Additional forfaits
  • - SMS situation
Downloads : click on download or use your tag reader

Download Standard version Download Silvermoon version

Note : L’application “Suivi Conso Bouygues telecom” n’est pas une application officielle et n’est pas supportée par Bouygues Telecom

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