My Resume (en)

Curriculum vitæ


General contractor assistant

Preparation of a framing file study and a functional Analysis file for streamlining the production system and implementing an IS in a railway company.

Information System Architecture

Study for IS reengineering upon the merging of 3 French banks, including creation of a spin-off.

Computer aided software engineering

Development of an SOA-type enterprise CASE (preparation of the architecture file, specifications, and implementation of the CASE)

Project management

Development of a subcontracting management tool with a team involving 5 members during 9 months, with a strong ISO approach in document preparation

  • Preparation of the requirement engineering specifications;
  • Preparation of the design specifications and test schedule;
  • Final product development;
  • Acceptance

Implementation of a Project Quality Plan (IEEE-730) and project control metrics (load assessment table, load control table, MS project, management of risks and trends)
Alternately acting as Project Manager and Quality Manager

  • Working in groups of 4, 5 and 7 people from different speciality.
  • Different length of projects from 1 week to 10 month.

C, C#, xaml/wpf, JAVA, shell, GTK, Delphi, SDL, PHP/MySQL, CSS, asp.Net.

GNU Tools (make, gcc, autotools), SVN, GIT, Microsoft Project, Doxygen, LaTeX.

Microsoft Visual Studio, vim, emacs, Eclipse, Netbeans.

Kremlin Bicètre, FR
2008 – present

Ecole Pour l’Informatique et les Techniques Appliquées

Paris, FR,
2005 – 2008

Université Paris René Descartes
DEUG MIA (Mathematics and Applicative Information system)

Nice, FR

Thierry Maulnier high chool
Scientist A-Level specialized equivalent (Baccalaureat)

Work Experience
Villejuif, FR
February 2010 – December 2010

Sup’Biotech Paris.
Bioinformatic Teacher

  • Teaching for 1st and 2nd year students.

Consultant to the establishment of bioinformatic lab of Sup’Biotech

Paris, FR
September 2009 – December 2009

MarvelSoft for GFI Securities Ltd.
Data Analysis and Software designer in C#

  • Developing a log monitoring tool for market softwares in C# using Access Database
  • Software designer of a market simulator -to test traders tools- permitting to simulate all european
    markets and fictive traders. It permits to receive direct orders, sending back reports, feeds, …. Possibility to replay simulations step by step on a day.
Nice / Paris, FR
June 2008 – present

AVL Interactive
Project Manager, Software designerr

  • Specification writing of an interactive kiosk for restaurants (AVL-interactive website)
  • Software designer of the a solution of an interactive kiosk for restaurants which contains an
    administration interface in Java/hibernate/sql and a display interface in php/mysql on the kiosk.
Kremlin Bicètre, FR
February 2009 – July 2009

Software designer

  • Software designer in 3ie SSII ( 20 hours per week
  • Developing asp.Net and WindowsCE applications on Visual Studio
Sophia Antipolis, FR
June/July 2007

MS Innovations
Software designer, System administrator

  • Programming of a SMS, MMS and push WAP solution” in PHP/MySQL.
  • Configuration and administration of apache web server and qmail.
School projects
2010 Realization of an outsourcing management software (Software Specification, Software Design Description, Test plan, Realization)
2010 Realization of a CASE (Architecture and realization)
2009 Development of a full Bourne shell using bash as a reference.
2009 Many little projects like a ftp client/server, a 3d arkanoid, a 3d space invader.
2007 Development of an OCR (optical character recognition) in C/Caml/Gtk
2006 Development of a Domotic solution based on X10 standard in C/Gtk
2005 Development of a 3D strategy game in Delphi/OpenGL

French Native language
English Good skills, both written and oral (TOEIC : 860)
Spanish Basic knowledge
Esperanto Basic knowledge
Music Good guitar level (7 years of music lessons) – piano
Sport Blue belt in judo, ski.
Culture Cinema, theatre, archaeology.
Volonteer Distribution of food for association : ”les restos du coeur”, Paris, FRANCE, 2006-2007.
IT Private tuition for university students, Mac user, .Net/C# treaner in IT Consulting firm.
Association President of EPITA’s association Olibrius (promotion and publication of comics books made by student), 2008 – present