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Keres project – Manage and secure your people-lifting booms and platforms

During the 3rd year at EPITA, students are able to do a personal project (during 4 month) that can replace some school projects.

So, benjamin, simon and I decided to find and create a solution to manage and secure construction trucks after Access Industries company talked to us about their problem. Actualy, all kind of people-lifting booms and platforms have the same key, so, it’s easier to change it if it is lost. But, it is completly unsecure and it appears that access that their trucks are used during the night or the week end by other companies.

So, we proposed them one solution, not very expensive and easy to use.

Our solution consists of using RFID cards and GPRS connexion to secure the trucks.

Here is how it works :

  • When you want to use a truck, just the card come near the RFID device.Boitier Keres
  • our device contact our server and check if:
    • this card is allowed to switch on this truck
    • this truck can by switch on at this time and date (for example, a company can decide to make this truck only accessible from monday to wednesday between 8am to 4pm)
  • The server responds to our device which switch on or not the truck.

Technologies used

  • RFID receptor
  • Wifi to simulate GPRS for this first step of the project
  • C# webservices
  • asp.Net for the web interface (see video demo) and Ajax
  • C# stand-alone application to manage the RFID device

[hana-flv-player video=""
description="Mise en situation du produit Keres"
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  • EPITV for the demonstration video
  • Pierre Cauchois (from Microsoft france) who lent us the device (Via Artigo3 with windows embedded standard)

Too see the news on EPITA website written by their journalist (in french): Click here