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A windows mobile NetSoul client

This WE, I started developping a NetSoul client for windows mobile

First, what is NetSoul? NetSoul is a protocol used in my school to connect to the network (PIE : Parc informatique de l’Epita). You can’t access the network without a netsoul login and password. But NetSoul also provides chat feature.

As I didn’t find a good netsoul client for the windows mobile plateform, I decided to make my own. For the moment, it doesn’t have a name (still searching for a good one :p)

Contact window

Contact window

Features :

  • Connect to the network
  • Show contact list
  • Update contact status

For the moment it is impossible to add contacts directly from the application, you have to put them directly in the config file which looks this :


Next features :

  • Login window to enter login and password
  • Remember password option
  • Add contacts
  • Edit contacts
  • Remove contacts

Since Silvermoon (the library I use to make the user interface) doesn’t support multiline textbox, I will not implement chat option but hope tom69 will make a new release of silvermoon sool :D