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My first XNA game – Kill the drops.

Screenshot Drop xna game

Drops Screenshot

Here is my first xna game.
I started three games : two I will give for free (with sources) on my blog and one I am working hard to put I on the MarketPlace.
So, my first game was just to make some tests like touchscreen ans sprites.
So, how does the game works?
You just have to touch the drops to make them disappear, otherwise, see will grow up to the top of the screen (and you will lose).
Each drop have a number of points depending of its size. A big drop will make see grow up faster if it falls in.
When the sea is at the top of the screen, the game stop, you loose and have to touch the screen to start a new game.

I hope this sample could help people to start with xna as it is a very simple game with only 3 classes (Game, Drop and Sea).
Xna is more simple than I excepted and, even if the sample is not very optimized (still learning), it’s pretty simple to do.

To download the project, click here