Olibrius now has his winmo application

A few weeks ago, I talked you about Silvermoon which is a graphic library writter by Tom69.

I decided to play a little bit with it and after several tests, I started to make a real full application. So, this is it, an application to manage my association Olibrius directly on my phone. Well,  actually, all it does is to show me all comic books we have, there mark and place, classified by collections.  It also permits me to access to the member list and their status and mail.

OlibriusAppv1-1 OlibriusAppv1-2 OlibriusAppv1-3OlibriusAppv1-4 OlibriusAppv1-5

For the moment, it only supports European comic books, since we didn’t entered us comic books and books in the database. Us comic books interface will probably be the same but for books, since we can’t classify them by collection, I don’t know yet how I’m going to display them (maybe a search box or something like that).

So, how does it works ? Actually, nothing very special, just made some webservices in php (I know, webservices in php are so dirty, but, didn’t have the choice), put them on the same server where Olibrius website and database are, and call them from my C# application. So simple but a little bit slow when I don’t have 3G access…

See you with my next application…

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