[UPDATE] Organize your wp7 start screen and create custom live tiles!

This morning, I read an article on wpcentral about a way to create some kind of categories availables on my windows phone 7 start screen.
But, the problem is that there are only a few categories and I needed more (like “messaging”, …). So, here is a little tool to do it :D
During my lunch time (so sorry for the old-style GUI) I have created this web page to generate live tiles where ou have the possibility to:

  • Select the background color
  • Select the foreground color
  • Select the font size
  • Enter the text you want!

Enjoy and please report me any bugs or suggestions.

It’s here : http://www.zoubda.fr/livetilesgenerator/

update : New features
It’s now possible to choose a picture instead of a simple color as a background. The picture is resized and it’s still possible to add a text on it.
And, as requested, you have the “share your tile” link which can be used to:

  • Share the url of your tile with your friends so they can also use it
  • Create the tiles on your desktop and copy/past the link on your phone

Here is what you can do when you select a picture as a background.

Live tiles generator

Note : According to Google ananlytics, I had more visits on the livetilesgenerator page in one day than on my blog since it’s open :p. And more than 3000 tiles have been created :D
I’ll post some of them later in the week.

  1. I like your code generation.
    Though small thing: instead of HTTP_POST use HTTP_GET

    That would enable me to generate a couple of tiles (let’s say 6) on my desktop where I’m in full control. Copy the urls and e-mail myself those urls.

    Better align the text, to have no whitespace at the left of the tile.

    Keep up the good work.


    • Olivier Leplus
    • 18 mai 2011 10:11

    Thank you.
    You’r right, I’ll do that today if I have the time. It would be a good idea so people would also be able to share links.
    Also, I added a new feature. You can now add a picture as tile background instead of a simple color.
    So you can have things like that :

    I’ll update the article once I made the changed you request :)

    And there are no more whitespace at the left of the text, thank you.

    • schlub
    • 18 mai 2011 1:33

    Mate, this is so awesome! My phone has been transformed :) I was going to build my own page to allow me to use images instead, but when I came back to your page I saw that you’d just added it. Brilliant! :D

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